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Texas Lottery News - Powerball and Lotto Texas Now Playing 3 Times A Week

August 22, 2021

Beginning Monday, August 23, 2021, lottery players will have another weekly chance at winning Powerball and Lotto Texas.

Lotto Texas and Powerball with both be played on Monday night, in addition to Wednesday and Saturday.

The games will be played the same, along with game odds, prizes and costs, will all be the same.

Ticket sales will begin on Sunday, August 22, 2021 for the first Monday drawing on August 23, 2021.

In 13 states, not including Texas, Powerball players can pay and extra $1 per play for the Double Play feature. The numbers you play in the main Powerball drawing will also be entered into a separate Double Play Drawing, which takes place shortly afterwards. Just like the main game, five numbers from 1 to 69, and one Powerball from 1 to 26 will be selected at random. You win prizes in Double Play in exactly the same way as the main Powerball game, by matching your numbers to the winning numbers. The payouts are different though. The jackppot is worth $10 million in every draw. It does not roll over if nobody wins, and is shared if there are multiple players who match all the numbers.

Double Play is initially being offered in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Washington. Additional states may offer Double Play in the future.